The church spends money in accordance with a budget which is reviewed every six months. The budget is simply a plan for the church’s money, and it is created, approved, and modified as necessary by the Directional Elder Team, which is equivalent to the church’s board of directors.

Approval Process for Expenses

One Harbor has put in place systematic and detailed processes to govern how the organization practically spends its money. Most expenses must be pre-approved and documented by one of three budget managers, who are accountable to the Directional Elder Team for the accounts in their responsibility. Certain expenses, such as benevolence, require a minimum of two signatures. Other unique expense categories, such as meals for travel, are treated in individual policies which provide limits that church employees are authorized to stay within. In those cases, a policy review is made on every expense and if limits are exceeded, the employee may be obligated to cover the overage with his or her own resources.


Any Partner in good standing with the church who wishes to review our financial statements may do so by contacting the church office and requesting an appointment. Ultimately, and most importantly, we know we will give an account to Jesus, the Chief Shepherd, regarding how we lead his church and steward his resources. It is with that in mind that we do our best to make wise decisions which will serve Him and His church well.



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