What is Access Ministry?


We believe everyone is a child of God and there should be no barriers to keep people with disabilities and their families

from being able to fully participate in this church body. Access Ministry is a buddy system for children who may need extra assistance

to participate and thrive in Kids Ministry on Sunday mornings by providing a volunteer to be a one-on-one buddy for kids aged

birth through fifth grade. It is our goal to keep the kids in Access Ministry as involved with their age group as possible while

keeping them safe and teaching them about God. All volunteers are trained in how to work with a variety of disabilities and behaviors

and there is a special sensory room for the kids that need a short break from their class.


If you would like to set your child up with a buddy, please fill out the form below.



If you would like to volunteer as a buddy, please fill out the application below.



If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Access Ministry,

please contact the One Harbor Church Office at accessministry@oneharborchurch.com