Why does One Harbor talk about money?

We talk about money because Jesus talked about money, and He talked about it a lot — roughly 25 percent of his teachings involve money and resources. How we handle our money is a great indicator of what’s happening in our hearts. Either we worship our resources, or our resources help us to worship Jesus. Though it can be a sensitive area, avoiding the subject entirely gives the enemy an open invitation to steer us off course. Talking about money helps to keep our hearts in check.

Why is it important to give to the church vs. another non-profit?

Non-profits are great organizations which do a great amount of good.  However, there is no benevolent service that compares with the proclamation of the Gospel to a lost and dying world. That task, the most noble of tasks, is the responsibility of the church, and the church is what Jesus came to build (Matthew 16:18). As Christians, we are invited by Jesus to share in His mission and to make disciples of all nations. That means we partner in His work, giving back to Him in response to what He has given to us. When we give to the church, it equips the church for growth, so that more people can hear the Gospel, so that more churches can be planted, so that more people can hear the Gospel, and so on.


When you give to One Harbor, it makes a number of things possible: funding of church plants, salaries for pastors and staff, benevolence ministries which help our community, facilities for people to worship in, and much more. In addition, we provide community groups and church ministries to help people meet Jesus, find friendship and fight sin. We feel called to do these things, but each one of them requires money. Therefore, we encourage people to give generously to non-profits and parachurch ministries if they feel inclined, but only as giving which goes above and beyond the tithe, not as giving which comes at the expense of it.

Can I see the church’s financial statements?

Yes, if you are a Partner in good standing with the church. You may contact the church office and request an appointment to review our financial statements.

I cannot afford to give 10 percent.

Can I still be a Partner?

Yes.  Jesus never rejected the poor, but embraced them. We want to do the same. As a church, we want to help those in our community who are genuinely in need. We would humbly ask that you trust us to not dishonor you by making your financial situation public, but allow us to know your needs so we can pray for you as your pastors and try to help support you where possible. 


Also, we would ask that you would commit to give what you can in “time and talents” so that you are faithfully stewarding what you do have. In Mark 12:41-44 we see that Jesus commended the widow for giving financially even out of her poverty. As Christians, we do not believe that poverty is an excuse to not be faithful stewards of what God has given us. While we understand that your giving may be on a smaller scale, we fervently believe that God sees the heart and takes great joy in our giving. Our hope is that God will use us to help you find freedom from the burden of poverty.



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