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Nobody can escape the grip of addiction without help.


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Our region, like many small towns all across America, is being devastated by the effects of drug and alcohol addiction.


Overdoses and suicides are becoming normal events. They are destroying lives and ripping apart families.


Additionally, first responders are suffering from the constant trauma of rushing into drug related crises on a daily basis. More first responders committed suicide in 2017 than died in the line of duty! The foster care system is overflowing with children who need to be rescued from homes where addiction has made the home unsafe for them. Our jail, prison and court system is full of those who’s addiction has resulted in criminal charges.


Those who are addicted often feel hopeless. It feels like we are watching a generation march towards either death or imprisonment.



We are here because Jesus wants us here – and Jesus wants us here to make a difference!

His church is not meant to sit on the sidelines while the community around us suffers. We are not supposed to stay safe and clean until Jesus rescues us. But for too long, that is what many Christians in small towns like ours have done. Instead, Christians are to see themselves as missionaries to the places we live and engage in the flight to see restoration in the lives of those effected by these problems.


“Jesus said to them again, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.” – John 20:21 (ESV)


Our vision is to, together with others already working with addicts around us, see people set free from addiction and to come alongside those suffering from the consequences of addiction in our community.


Specifically, we want to focus on two areas of need. First we want to help people get to detox and Christian-centered long-term rehabilitation. We commit to helping them overcome whatever financial, legal or transportation related barriers stand in their way. Second, we want to help them transition successfully back into society.


The reentry piece is often the most challenging. Many people relapse because they don’t have adequate transportation, a sober and supportive living environment, a job and/or a community of peers and leaders who are cheering them on and holding them accountable. Without these things, former addicts will be forced to depend on old networks of relationships that are dangerous and unhealthy. We believe wholeheartedly that long term sobriety take long term commitment to walk alongside men and women well after they have left rehab.



If you’re an addict who is serious about getting free from alcohol or drug addiction, there is hope for you right now!

Please contact us and we will get you to detox (if necessary) and help you get to rehab. More than that, we will walk beside you throughout the rehab process and help you reenter back into our community. If you’re still breathing, there is hope for you, but you cannot beat this by yourself. We want to help!



We want to surround those struggling with the darkness of addiction with community. If you would like to serve in this ministry, click the button below.




Hope is Alive is a ministry that we partner with that exists to radically change the lives of drug addicts, alcoholics and those that love them. Hope is Alive has a deep desire to come alongside churches to help them navigate the often painful pathways of addiction and recovery. We are so grateful for the partnership that is growing with Hope is Alive. To learn more about the Hope is Alive program and ways to get involved, click the button below.



If you’re like us, when you first realize there is an addiction crisis, it can be overwhelming and confusing. Here are some articles with additional information to help you understand the nature of the problem we are up against and what our church is doing to help.


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