Preparedness Resources

We want to be able to help provide hurricane preparedness information and resources to our community to help aid in personal preparation.  Click the link below to view multiple resources for your preparation; please feel free to share with friends, family, and neighbors!  If you have any questions or concerns, please email info@oneharborchurch.com.



Every dollar that is given to the Disaster Relief Fund will provide assistance and care for those affected by these storms. To give towards disaster relief simply click the button below and follow these steps:


1. Select the One Harbor Site you attend

2. Enter the amount you feel led to give

3. Select “Disaster Relief”


Meet the Missionaries

One missionary couple from ReachGlobal Crisis Response has permanently relocated to our community to live and serve full-time.

Ryan has been working with ReachGlobal Crisis Response since 2015 where he help respond to damage caused by Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. He then moved to NC in September of 2018 after the landfall of Hurricane Florence to start a long-term response site. In 2019, Paula joined Ryan from Chile - they got married and began to serve together. In December of 2022, the Hurricane Florence Response site closed and shifted to a long-term staging site for crisis response. Ryan oversees this staging location and our newest partnership with OHC and RGCR to push back the darkness of addiction.

Ryan + Paula Kling

NC Site Coordinator

Join us in Prayer

Pray for those previously affected by storms. Pray that the Lord would divert any coming storms. Pray for those who are suffering and in need of relief. Pray for mental and spiritual health and healing over the coming months and years. Pray for the organizations and churches who are responding to any crisis. Pray for the good stewardship of the funds raised. Pray that the church will be strengthened and that the message of the Gospel will give hope.